Borroloola to Sydney: Shay Evans

In November 2018, Shay Evans was announced as a Sydney FC player for the upcoming 2018/19 W-League season. Few knew who she was, or her story, other than being a graduate of the John Moriarty Football program. The John Moriarty Football program was started by the first indigenous footballer to be selected to play forContinue reading “Borroloola to Sydney: Shay Evans”

Muse, Space, and Cydonia

Before Muse, I’d never heard of the genre “space rock” before. But after hearing it, it immediately made sense to me. Science fiction loving musicians trying to best replicate the themes of sci-fi and the sense of awe from the genre. Muse, led by lead singer Matt Bellamy (and his love of magical mushrooms) writeContinue reading “Muse, Space, and Cydonia”

Running Up That Hill & Art Of Good Covers

If I only could, make a deal with God… Did you forget to take your meds? Just another Nancy Boy? See you at the Bitter End? Placebo’s music has often focused on nitty-gritty, taboo, and slightly uncomfortable relationships. Abusive couples, drug-fuelled break-ups, or as it’s put in Meds – sex, drugs, and complications. Rarely wasContinue reading “Running Up That Hill & Art Of Good Covers”

Harvey Danger & Underground Culture

The late 90’s saw the birth of countless garage rock bands and a whole new wave of alternative music. Lots of bands came and went, delivering often one major release and then returning to obscurity. Some of them get lucky and get a hit single which gives them a lifeline. Seattle band Harvey Danger’s 1997Continue reading “Harvey Danger & Underground Culture”

Is It Wicked Not To Care? And Other Apocalyptic Views

I’ve now been in quarantine for 39 days. 6 weeks nearly. It’s been easily the most obscure chapter of my life, in a year that was earmarked for self-improvement and discovery. A cliche tale but one that I can’t escape from. It’d be irresponsible to not act as if I haven’t at least been ableContinue reading “Is It Wicked Not To Care? And Other Apocalyptic Views”

The Cat Who Sold His Soul For Immortality

I’m on a road to ruin, I don’t know what I’m doin’, MartiniI guess this is the place, inside I see your face, MartiniI walk into the room, position I assume, MartiniYou put a record on, I hear my favourite song, MartiniThe Presets – Martini I’m a big old cat person. I love them. They’reContinue reading “The Cat Who Sold His Soul For Immortality”

Ashfield, Tamriel & Beyond

The last few weeks have been some of the most surreal of my life. We all know what I’m talking about. At the moment, life has been put on hold and we’re all becoming well-acquainted to our bedrooms and homes. Days on end without seeing much of the outside world. I wish I could sayContinue reading “Ashfield, Tamriel & Beyond”

Bat Outta Hell: The Renaissance Of DOOM

DOOM is the ultimate first-person shooter game and arguably the most iconic video game franchise of all time. The imagery of the series from its 1993 inception to 2020’s most recent release remains important to pop culture and easily accessible to the public. As the internet joke goes – can it run DOOM? 99% ofContinue reading “Bat Outta Hell: The Renaissance Of DOOM”

Joy Division Forever: 40 Years On At Hordern Pavilion

Forty years on from the death of Joy Division in Macclesfield, a good 17,000km away, surviving members Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris, joined by Gillian Gilbert, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman came together as New Order at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion. As previously established, I’m a big New Order fan and their concert mean a lotContinue reading “Joy Division Forever: 40 Years On At Hordern Pavilion”

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