Is It Wicked Not To Care? And Other Apocalyptic Views

I’ve now been in quarantine for 39 days. 6 weeks nearly. It’s been easily the most obscure chapter of my life, in a year that was earmarked for self-improvement and discovery. A cliche tale but one that I can’t escape from. It’d be irresponsible to not act as if I haven’t at least been ableContinue reading “Is It Wicked Not To Care? And Other Apocalyptic Views”

The Cat Who Sold His Soul For Immortality

I’m on a road to ruin, I don’t know what I’m doin’, MartiniI guess this is the place, inside I see your face, MartiniI walk into the room, position I assume, MartiniYou put a record on, I hear my favourite song, MartiniThe Presets – Martini I’m a big old cat person. I love them. They’reContinue reading “The Cat Who Sold His Soul For Immortality”

Ashfield, Tamriel & Beyond

The last few weeks have been some of the most surreal of my life. We all know what I’m talking about. At the moment, life has been put on hold and we’re all becoming well-acquainted to our bedrooms and homes. Days on end without seeing much of the outside world. I wish I could sayContinue reading “Ashfield, Tamriel & Beyond”

I’ve Lost You: New Order & Age of Consent

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Manchester synthpop band New Order live at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park. Four decades on from their formation they’ve not lost a bit of their sound or talent, I’d even argue they’ve improved with age. Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, and Gillian Gilbert, all well into theirContinue reading “I’ve Lost You: New Order & Age of Consent”

What Powderfinger Taught Me About Loss and Grieving

For Graeme Growing up, you really absorb the music your parents listen to. It becomes the soundtrack for the early years of your life, and a high chance you’ll end up developing some sort of emotional link with it. I grew up listening to a lot of stuff my parents loved – Queen, David Bowie,Continue reading “What Powderfinger Taught Me About Loss and Grieving”

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